Kilombo 93?

Do you know what a quilombo was?

Quilombos were communities created by runaway slaves with the goal of strengthening themselves as a resistant network and once together, they never fought alone. Quilombos were purposely difficult to access to prevent the recapture of slaves.

Within a quilombo, they were only doing business between each other, like food and drink, clothing, tools, furniture, medicine, etc. Within a quilombo, art and culture, that was 99% Afrikan, were not lost and the stories were passed on purposely in order to give understanding and empowerment to those present and the next generations. Quilombos were institutions created by black people who received other black people, indigenous people and some allies who believed in the freedom, emancipation and independence of slaves.

So what is the Kilombo 93? Everything a quilombo was but in the future and strong enough to NOT to be extinct.

Kilombo 93 aims to undo the clarification (white view) on African and Afro-Brazilian culture that has been presented until today to then show what's real black!


Kilombo 93 represents the resistance to keep the African roots alive, together and mixed with the Brazilian urban essences, mainly the favela and indigenous people.
Kilombo 93 was built for the world and because of the liberation that other minority groups also had, Kilombo 93 is also for those who have similar struggles, ideals and/or are allies.


Once Kilombo 93 , we will never be them. Those ones.


The Kilombo 93 has its goals/values:

Freedom, Emancipation and Independence

Kilombo 93's strategic mission is to imprint ancestral-renewed concepts in all its aspirations, creations and actions. This means that all the work of research and social and technological advancement of our ancestors will and should be used, however, without ceasing to be up-to-date and adaptable, without being corrupted in any way.

Kilombo 93's vision is always and forever to be a place of reception, treatment and evolution of equals and allies.

We first created our logo and years later we discovered the Fawohodie Adinkra. We're sure it's not a coincidence.

The ancestors planted this seed in 1993.

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